Topic outline

  • General

  • What is CTS?

    CTS is the Caribbean Teachers Series. It’s app is called CTS and is available in Apple and Google Play stores.
    • What are the key features of this app?

      1. My School - created by your school to keep you informed of events and notices.

      2. Online Tutor - select from the list of courses at various levels (CSEC, CAPE, UWI) on which you require help. The tutors will have selected the time slots during which they will be available. Once you make the request for help, an available Tutor will connect with you live. You may now ask your question through text and camera images via the app. Both the identity of the student and Tutor is kept anonymous.  You are charged BDS $5 for every 15 mins.  The help session is archived at the end of the session for quality purposes only.

      3. CTS Mathematics -  Ask your teacher for an access code to view all the video solutions to all the quesoms within this textbook “CTS Mathematics”. 

      • How do I add Credit to my account?

        Click on the add Credit button and follow instructions.

        • What is my balance?

          Click on the icon in the top right hand corner of the app to view your balance.  

          • Can I view the activities of other Schools?

            Yes. Just search for the name of the school.